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Grant Opportunities Database

Active Grants is a list of current funding opportunities and describes content area, grade level, funding level, and special considerations for those interested in applying for a grant. This information is accessible for 13 different subject areas.

Select your subject of interest below and click Run Report. For example, to see a listing of grants that provide funding for language arts and literacy projects, click Lanuage Arts/Literacy in the Subject index, then Run Report. You will automatically be taken to a list of grants. A hyperlink contact at the end of each grant description takes you directly to the funder's website. Feel free to explore multiple subject areas. It may stimulate your thinking about cross-curricular relationships that could lead to a better chance for funding.

The catalog is a living document - it requires continuous updating as funders announce deadlines for applications or other changes to their programs. If you find that a hyperlink doesn’t work, a website address has changed, or a deadline is different from the one listed, please email Diane Liga at If you find a funding source not in our database, please share the information with others by notifying the Grants Office.

Archived grants are listed after the active grants under each subject area. The deadlines for these grants has passed, but they may be updated in the future. If so, they will be moved to the active section.

Fiscal Regulation 333-1 requires that a Grants and Awards Internal Review Form and a final copy of every proposal be sent to the Grants Office prior to its submission for funding. Also, be sure to let the Grants Office know whether your grant is funded or not.

Please contact the Grants Coordinator, Diane Liga at for assistance.